I recently finished my shopping for new summer eJuices, and came across this wonderful eJuice made by Space Jam. Summer Solstice, a Space Jam Seasonal e-liquid isfound it to be one of the best eJuices for relaxing during my lazy days while taking a break from school.

This eJuice is able to offer a unique mix of sour lime and very sweet cherry. I find that these two flavors produce an excellent melody of tastes that is made even better by the slightly tart aftertaste.

I have found that this unique eJuice is perfect for sitting around in the afternoon, going on walks, and I even like to take this relaxing eJuice to parties.

The first time I tried this eJuice was sitting on my front porch. I had just come home from work, and was enjoying a relaxing gin and tonic while getting away from the heat.

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