I recently finished my shopping for new summer eJuices, and came across this wonderful eJuice made by Space Jam. Summer Solstice, a Space Jam Seasonal e-liquid isfound it to be one of the best eJuices for relaxing during my lazy days while taking a break from school.

This eJuice is able to offer a unique mix of sour lime and very sweet cherry. I find that these two flavors produce an excellent melody of tastes that is made even better by the slightly tart aftertaste.

I have found that this unique eJuice is perfect for sitting around in the afternoon, going on walks, and I even like to take this relaxing eJuice to parties.

The first time I tried this eJuice was sitting on my front porch. I had just come home from work, and was enjoying a relaxing gin and tonic while getting away from the heat.

I found that the lime flavor of this eJuice blended very well with the taste of gin, and that I greatly enhanced the aftertaste from my drink. I liked that the cherry taste seemed to sweeten my drink. These sensations came together to create a very thirst quenching drink that I greatly enjoyed.

After spending a couple of days enjoying this eJuice on my porch, I decided to try it while going on a walk. At first, I thought that this relaxing eJuice would not go well with a walk, but I soon found that it made my evening walks very peaceful.

I found that I was able to think more clearly while enjoying this eJuice, and that I ended up spending time looking at interesting things I saw on the way. I was purchased this eJuice with a fairly high nicotine content, and I found that the rush from the nicotine blended very well with the slight perk in metabolism that comes with walking.

I particularly enjoy this eJuice when I take a walk around dusk, but I also enjoyed it while take a walk late at night.

The third place that I enjoyed this eJuice was at a couple of parties. I found that this eJuice was very good for relaxing with friends, and that it prompted me to have relaxed conversations with new friends.

The parties that I enjoyed this eJuice at had a lot of hookah and cigarette smoking, and I found that this eJuice allowed me to relax with smokers without making me want to have one.

This eJuice went very well with every drink that I tried at these parties, and several people who tried this eJuice said that it tasted very good.

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